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ISO9001/TS 16949

The application of quality management principles not only provides direct benefits but also makes and important contribution to managing costs and risks. Benefit, cost and risk management considerations are important for the organization, its customers and other interested parties. These considerations on overall performance of the organization may impact.


-          customer loyalty,

-          repeat business and referral,

-          operational results such as revenue and market share,

-          flexible and fast responses to market opportunities,

-          costs and cycle times through effective and efficient use of resources,

-          alignment of processeswhich will best achieve desired results,

-          competitive advantage through improved organizational capabilities,

-          understanding and motivation of people towards the organizationís goals and objectives, as well as participation in continual improvement,

-          confidence of interested parties in the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization as demonstrated by the financial and social benefits from the organizationís performance product life cycle and reputation,

ability to create value for both the organization and its suppliers by optimization of costs and resources as well as flexibility and speed of joint responses to changing markets

Process Approach

The Ďprocessí approach is crucial to our understanding of task management in modern organisations. One of the simplest ways of explaining the process approach is through the diagram known as the transformation model (or the input/output diagram).


Example of Process Model

Figure 2

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