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Facilitation/consulting is more than a technical skill alone. Our consultants are motivated leaders and domain expert. Each of the consultant posseses quality to drive people. This aspect becomes more important because a facilitation process is a true measure of delivery. Making client employees /executives convinced of the new concept and process and making same part of daily management is real salt test. We have proven records of successful execution of all assignment irrespective of the size, culture,technology and demography.

Qsys experts nurture organisation at various levels. Top Management can be assisted in their day to day management till such a time that they realised it as a necessary part and parcel of daily work. We can help build top management of business strategy, business policy, business plan, execution and monitoring.

Qsys experts belive in delivery, most of the happening and work in manufacturing industry takes place on shop floor. All systems, processes are finaly tested on floor for its acceptance. We motivate and identify sponsers for the best shop floor practices. In many situtation leaders emerge out of this and management objective are achieved.

Qsys assists client through case studies, role playes, demos and exercises. We organise training to the stake holders on the subject assigned and ensure takers for the subject. Making aware the team is a first step forward in councilling/ facilitation. Depending on the size and type of organisation implementation may be started in phased manner or divsion wise.

Regular review during the implementation are conducted on and off line. A written report is submitted to the management and team is briefed about the same. Top Management is updated in view of the progress and roadblocks. Necessary proposal are offered to the top management for actions and progresss.

On completion of the client assignment, a project closure report is submitted to the management. All deliverables as agreed are indicated in the same.Customer satisfaction is assessed to ensure that all deliverables are offered and high customer satisfaction rating is achieved.

Qsys has facilitated various organizations on following International Standard and world class best business practices :

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