Qsys provides advisory services to the  SMEs in the identified sectors, and others who need business guidance in beginning their export practices. Qsys also supports towards capacity building for SMEs to become a starting point for them to find and develop international markets. Qsys provides a range of services in the areas of capability building, handholding, support and advisory services to enhance and sustain the export competitiveness of the Indian SMEs.
Services Offered by Qsys are:
  1. Facilitate formulation and implementation of an export strategy.
  2. Form strategic alliances, particularly networking with international partners to share information and experiences, with the intention of guiding exporters/SMEs to gain access to foreign markets.
  3. Offer basic training to SMEs in new information and communication technologies.
  4. Facilitate SME marketing and promotion activities like trade fairs and missions.
  5. Conduct market research and surveys and help develop new export business.
  6. Provide databanks and library services to SMEs with the intention of keeping them abreast of what is in the market, particularly those markets with the potential to become export targets.
  7. Offer advice on technical standards & regulations.
  8. Hold trade seminars and trade shows, and other activities geared towards market targeting strategies.
  9. Promotion Research Materials (Trends and forecasting, Trade promotion gudance).
  10. Facilitating SMEs through its trained consultants in meeting and negotiation.